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2022-06-15 14:47:39 By : Ms. Veronica Chen

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The Washington County Board of Commissioners met Tuesday, June 7.  Pastor Rich Moon from the Akron Foursquare Church opened with a prayer, followed by the “Pledge of Allegiance.”  There was no public participation.  The consent agenda was approved and County Administrator Misty Peterson gave her report.

The board then listened to County Clerk Annie Kuntz who applied for an ERTB grant, which is an electronic recording technology grant.  The grant is for maintenance and service of their recorded old documents and will last from July 2022 until May 2026 for $65,047.  The board approved that the chairman signs the letter for applying for the grant.

Mobile Home Permit 22-03 for Connor and Kiley Fiscus has been applied for to put a mobile home at County Roads 61 and 43.5 in Otis.  The board also approved Foundation Permit 22-01.

Sheriff Jon Stivers and Undersheriff Robbie Furrow presented a capital purchase for a 2019 transport van for $42,233.  Furrow said it is almost impossible to purchase or find a van for sale.  Stivers said this van would cost less in fuel costs.  Since they are down on prisoners, they have been able to get a lot of work done on the justice center, including painting, plumbing, etc.

They then discussed the health company they have and they like the clinic they now have, but they are having staff problems.  They recommended Turnkey Health Clinic, LLC, as they have come in under the bid of other clinics.  Stivers said the staff at Turnkey has been very nice and he feels that they would do a good job and keep a cap on their prices.  Commissioner Tony Wells asked for a clarification on when tele-health would not be used and that should be in the three-year contract.

The board approved Resolution 28-2022 and the clarification will be made with Turnkey Health.  The board also approved the capital purchase of the van.

Peterson then asked the commissioners to sign two letters for credit card authorization for the sheriff’s office and the justice center.  It was approved to have the names of Robbie Furrow, Misty Peterson, Brittani Kusel and Annie Kuntz as authorized officers.

The commissioners then adjourned the meeting and held a work session for both morning and afternoon, which included fair planning.

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